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An Artist's Eye...Being Home

The idea for starting a blog has been rolling around in my mind like a velcro ball collecting lint ideas for a long time. My sister has been urging me to start this for about a year now and with more time in recent days because of the quarantine I have decided to give it a go. Welcome!

I am a contemporary artist living in rural Wisconsin on about 5 acres of land with my new husband. We don't live too far from a small city so I still have access to a fair amount of amenities, however the past 2 years I have found myself staying at home, making less contemporary art, and enjoying a much more satisfying work/life balance. It sounds so weird to say that making less art has made me more calm. In the past, my entire identity was tied to the process of creating paintings and teaching my craft to others. With the loss of a beloved job as an art professor, I had to start over in finding myself as a person not just an artist.

Through this journey I began to realize that I approach most every daily activity as a creative project. It was a strange realization when others began to comment on the way my work at home was steeped in the creative process. I began loosely document the way my artist mind sees these processes and capture creations made in my home, garden, and kitchen. I hope you enjoy!

"Canning Gradient" 2019

This photo was arranged and taken during the last canning season. I could not help myself in rearranging all of the beautiful colors of the varying ripenesses of the tomatoes harvested from my garden. Although I don't consider myself a photographer I do enjoy capturing details I notice along the way. Perhaps these documentations are my way of creating new "paintings".

Thank you so much for reading my first ever blog. Please subscribe to see more "documentations" and stories of "being home".

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